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What is

A Commercial Lease Purchase agreement is similar to Hire Purchase, except that a lump sum is payable at the end of the term of the agreement. This is often known as a balloon payment.

Companies often choose this method of payment as it allows them greater flexibility when it comes to keeping their monthly payments low.

Our Commercial Lease Purchase agreement can help you finance an asset for your business in a flexible and more affordable way.



  • When you know what it is you need to finance, simply contact your local Black Horse branch. We can then look at the cost of the asset, your company's ability to make repayments, and the term of the agreement.

    Our Commercial Lease Purchase agreement can help you finance an asset for your business in a flexible and more affordable way. At the end of the agreement, you will have three options available to you:

    1. Make the final lump sum payment and become the owner of the asset.
    2. Part-exchange the asset for a new one – if the part exchange doesn't cover the final payment, you need to pay the shortfall to settle the finance agreement.
    3. Apply to re-finance the balloon payment, subject to status.


  • An initial deposit

    You'll need to agree an initial deposit and your agreement term.

    Monthly payments

    Terms of 2 to 4 years are available.

    When does the company own the asset?

    Once you've made all the payments, the asset is yours.


  • This finance option is seen as a flexible way to finance assets by allowing you to keep the monthly repayments low. It's worth remembering that you'll need to afford the final lump sum at the end of the contract.

    Here's what else you need to think about:

    • The balloon payment is not a guaranteed future value of the asset, so make sure you consider this when agreeing to the final payment sum. If you agree to a sensible sum, you may keep some equity in the asset itself, which may give you the opportunity to do another deal again.
    • You won't own the asset until the final payment (including interest) has been made.
    • If you do not keep up repayments, there's a chance your asset may be repossessed.
    • Where applicable - No mileage restrictions.
    • You need full insurance at all times.
    • A personal guarantee may be required.


  • If it's a viable option for your business, Commercial Lease Purchase can be viewed as a good way to get hold of a business asset quickly and easily.

    Keep your business thriving

    We offer added peace of mind for business that don’t want to be slowed down waiting for a lengthy finance decision. As a local provider, we will support your business with a personal service and a quick, clear decision on your lease purchase application.

    Nearly all assets catered for:

    We can offer finance for almost any type of asset.

    You won't own the asset until your final monthly payment has been made, but after that it's all yours.

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