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What is

A Hire Purchase agreement lets you spread the cost of your asset over a period of time. The instalments include interest for the period of the agreement. At the end of the agreed time period, you will own the asset that has been financed.

It's our business to help your business thrive. If you're wondering how to fund that next vehicle or piece of machinery, why not talk to our commercial lending experts. We can fund most commercial assets from £2,000 depending on your status.


  • When you know what it is you need to finance, simply contact your local Black Horse branch. We can then look at the cost of the asset, your company's ability to make repayments, and the term of the agreement.

    With your consent, we will work out the monthly payments and interest that you'll have to pay back to us over a set time period – subject to your agreement being approved.


  • An initial deposit

    Agree an initial deposit and your agreement term.

    Monthly payments

    Your monthly payments will be set at a fixed interest rate, so you'll always pay the same amount each month until the asset is yours.

    When does the company own the asset?

    Once you've made all the payments, the asset belongs to your company.


  • That's it. All finance agreement documents are written clearly and concisely so you know exactly where you stand.

    Here's what else you need to think about:

    • You'll own the asset outright once you've paid all your payments and not before.
    • If you miss a payment, your asset is at risk of repossession, so it's important to carefully consider your future repayment ability.
    • You need to fully insure the asset at all times – that's because the asset belongs to Black Horse for the duration of the agreement and it’s part of our terms and conditions.
    • We don't offer any protection against depreciation as a result of an unexpected fall in the value of the asset.
    • A personal guarantee may be required.


  • As long as your company can afford it, it's generally considered that Hire Purchase is a good way to get hold of a business asset quickly and easily.

    Keep your business thriving

    If your business depends on the purchase of items for success, it can be a worry. At Black Horse, we understand the need for swift feedback about lending decisions, so we'll be in touch with you as soon as we have an answer. As we're local to you, we can do this quicker than most.

    All assets catered for

    We can finance cars, vans, heavy goods vehicles, construction equipment, plant and machinery, as well as computer equipment. You won't own the asset until your final monthly payment has been made, but after that it's all yours.

    To find out more, get in touch with your local Black Horse branch today.